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The number one European online wholesaler of spirits

Moving Spirits supplies business customers throughout Europe and beyond with a wide range of spirits. Convenient ordering via our unique Sales Portal. Available from stock and at competitive prices.

1,000+ available brands in stock and access to 20,000+ kinds of spirits

Why choose Moving Spirits?

  • Convenient ordering via our unique Sales Portal
  • Personal attention for every customer
  • Available from stock and delivered throughout Europe and beyond 
  • 100% independent
  • Professional logistics partners

Try the convenience of ordering via our Sales Portal

You can have insight into our current inventory and pricing any time! Just log in to our user-friendly Sales Portal. You can order whenever it’s convenient for you.


Our dedicated staff can help you with whatever you need


Vast assortment of all kinds of spirits


Order whenever you like

Moving Spirits

An international wholesaler with character. Personal contact with our enthusiastic, dedicated staff. This is how we can make you the best offer.

We are a modern wholesaler with a great team. We have developed a unique Sales Portal for your ordering convenience.

Frank Hofstede, CEO, Co-owner

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Responsibility for our environment

Moving Spirits embraces corporate social responsibility. Fair business practices and creating a better world go hand in hand for us. Little by little, we can make a big difference.