Meet our team

We believe in creating a personal connection which will form the basis for a long-term relationship. Thats is why your wishes and needs are important to us. Curious about us? We would like to introduce ourselves to you!

Cor Nuijten, Head of Purchase

Maarten Zijlstra, Buyer

Monique Hofstede, Founder

Patrick Sinning, Trader

René Dolfing, Trader

Tarek Chokair, Trader

Cédric Dolliou, Trader

Valentina Serna Echavarria, Trader

Gian Franco Etzi, Trader

Miriam Leussink, Back office

Tessa van Dijk, Marketer

Frank Hofstede, Founder

Bouwina Ensing, Bookkeeper

Lars de Ridder, Product owner

Klaas Jan Elzinga, Software Engineer

Jeroen van Veen, Software engineer

Collin van Dijken, Software developer

Jos van Bakel, System Administrator