Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Excises are the taxes on alcohol. We are able to send goods duty paid in Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. You can choose whether you want your goods to be delivered with paid or unpaid excise. You can also select if you want to see our prices with or without excise in the Sales Portal.

The only additional costs are the transport costs. There are no surprises, the price you see in the Sales Portal, is the price you pay. Transport costs depend on the destination and number of pallets.

Payment must be made in advance on your first order. Our warehouse is independent, so we use a third person who makes sure everything goes as planned. They can send a loading list to you, so you know for sure that we have the desired products in stock.

Ex works (EXW) is an international trade term that describes when a seller makes a product available at a designated location, and the buyer of the product must cover the transport costs. The prices that are shown in the Sales Portal are the prices of the products. On top of that are the transportation costs.

We communicate our prices via our Sales Portal. Before you can see our prices, you have to make an account. Upon request, you can also receive our pricelist in an Excel list.

You can pay via our IBAN.

Before we ship the goods, the order needs to be fully paid.

Sales Portal

Sign up by filling out the registration form. After you submit the form, we will review it and get back to you. The processing of the application takes on average 1 to 3 working days.

No stress! Click on ‘forgot password?’ in the portal. You will receive an email containing a unique reset password. Create a new password via the link.

We will try to have the desired product back in stock as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver items that are not in stock.

Ordering and delivery

Get in touch with us. We advise you to report the missing product or send a photo of the damaged product to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

We only sell per case. You can’t purchase per bottle from us yet.

No, you can’t pick up the goods at Loendersloot. Our logistic partner, Green Logistics, delivers it to you.

You are free to order any quantity you want. However, ordering a couple of cases is most likely not feasible for both parties. Our customers usually order +/- a minimum of 1 mixed pallet. A mixed pallet is around 80 cases.

Yes, we can air freight goods to all main destinations in the world.

Yes. As soon as we have a valid SEED-check and customs approval of your bonded license, we can send goods to your bond.

We work with several shipping partners who offer LCL / groupage services. Depending on the destination, order quantity, order dimensions and weight we can give you a quote.

Order statuses and documents

TBO is a ‘To Be Ordered’ item. We may be able to order these items for you from a reliable source. The given ETA is an estimation of how long it will take for us to order and receiving it from our supplier.

When we display an ETA (estimate time of arrival) in the pricelist, it means the stock is making its way to our warehouse. ETA is always communicated in weeks.

We distinguish two refill statuses. REF means that the bottle is refillable. NONREF stands for non-refillable, which means that the bottles can’t be filled afterwards.

UKDS stands for ’United Kingdom Duty Stamp’. All stock that originates from the UK retail markets are covered with a UKDS when stock is above 35cl. and above 25% alc. This stamp will be covered with a sticker when exported outside the UK.

T1 status: goods that have T1 status are not in free circulation in the EEA and will not be brought into free circulation by us. These products are destined for export outside the EEA. T2 status: goods which have the T2 status are in free circulation in the EEA. These products can be freely sold within the EEA, as well as exported outside the EEA. (EEA = European Economic Area)

The EUR.1 certificate is a commercial document, which is validated by customs. To promote trade between countries or groups of countries, the European Union has concluded trade agreements. If you can demonstrate that the products have been produced in the EU, based on the EUR.1 certificate, you qualify for the reduction of import duties. This benefits the customer.

COO stands for Country of Origin. In international trade, a Certificate of Origin (COO) is a document issued by the exporter. It is the authentication that a product was manufactured in a certain country. A COO is required by many cross-border trades and can help determine if your goods are eligible for import and to what extent they are subject to duties.

SAD stands for Simplified Accompanying Document, this is a customs document for orders with excise EAD stands for Electronic Accompanying Document, this is a customs document for orders without excise. When you do not have the possibility to send goods with an EAD, because you are not able to use a bonded facility, we can use a SAD document instead. Please contact us to discuss the procedure, as there are some additional costs and requirements involved in doing this procedure.

General matters

We deliver worldwide. At the moment, we do business in over 100 countries. Do you want to be sure that we are also able to deliver to you? Get in touch with us.

We deliver to business customers throughout Europe and beyond. We supply to liquor stores, Cash & Carry stores and wholesalers. We do not deliver to private individuals.

We are available on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:30 hours (Central European Time). You can send your question via our contact form. You could also call or e-mail us. Phone +31 50 211 09 09 WhatsApp +31 6 823 166 92 E-mail WeChat Moving Spirits Outside of office hours, we will try to respond as quickly as possible.