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Whisky wholesale B2B | 100% independent supplier

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A whisky wholesaler that developed its own Sales Portal, to make the order process as easy as possible, that is Moving Spirits! Within a few clicks you can put together your order at our whisky distributor. Choose from a wide range of whiskies and we take care of the rest, such as transport. Moving Spirits supplies business consumers throughout Europe and beyond.

What kinds of whiskies are there?

To go through all the whiskies (read more at Wikipedia) in detail is almost impossible. There are often new types and brands of whiskies introduced on the market. Of course, as a whisky wholesaler, we always try to keep up and include new brands in our assortment. To give you some insight, we will list the most famous types of whiskies for you:

A distinction is often also made between Scotch Whisky and Irish Whiskey, whereby the production processes also differ in addition to the different ways of writing. In Ireland and the United States, they write it as whiskey. So, are you looking for Irish whiskey? You are welcome at our whiskey wholesale! In our blog we tell you everything you didn’t know about whisky, and we explain in detail the different types of whiskies that you can buy at a whisky distributor or in a store.

There are a many sorts of whiskies you can buy at a whisky wholesaler.

Which whiskies do we sell at our whisky wholesale?

We will always make sure we have over 200+ brands of whisky in stock at our whisky wholesale. We go beyond the standard A-brands that you can normally find at a whisky supplier. ‘Improving Stars’ is the name we have given to our import brands that meet our sustainability requirements, for example, Athrú. So, whatever you are looking for, take a look at our Sales Portal and you will be amazed by our wide and surprising assortment.

To keep a good overview, we have divided the whiskies into three categories in the Sales Portal:

  • Whisky (blended)
  • Single Malt Whisky
  • Bourbon Whisky

Mixed orders are our strength

Our strength lies in the possibility of putting together mixed orders. Where you are used to having to order in large volumes per product with other whisky suppliers, you can already order per case per product from us. We try to be as flexible as possible with quantities. We are here for the retailer and the wholesaler; we hope by being as flexible as possible that we can help you grow your business.

Are you also looking for gin, rum or cognac? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

You can put together mixed orders at our whisky distributor. We do not only sell whiskies, but also gin, rum, cognac and vodka.
Buy your whisky in our Sales Portal! Within a few clicks you can put together your order and we will arrange transport.

How to buy whisky at our wholesale

Our whisky wholesale stands for convenience! We have our own ICT team that has developed our own Sales Portal. Through our Sales Portal you have insight into our current stock 24 hours a day, including photos and prices of the goods. Never use Excel lists again, but order wherever and whenever you want in our Sales Portal and never miss out on whisky. 

Put together an order and save it by clicking on ‘book and continue later’, this way you are always sure that the goods are yours. Click on ‘finalize order’ when you’re ready to finish! You can immediately download the proforma after that and we will arrange the transport.

Our bonded warehouse

Because we always have more than 2,000 brands in stock and we find it important that we deliver the highest possible quality, we find it important that the logistics are also well organized. As a whisky distributor, we do not have our stock at our own location, we have a bonded warehouse, Loendersloot Global Logistics. They are specialized in stock management of excise goods and are familiar with the applicable laws and regulations regarding customs clearance and excise duties.

Price and delivery time with us as a whisky distributor

When you buy whisky at our wholesaler, you can be sure that the goods are always competitively priced. We do our utmost to offer the best prices, our purchasing department is always committed to sourcing the best offers. This also allows us to resell with good prices! Of course, the prices differ per product. In our Sales Portal you can always see the real-time prices and stock.

You may notice that ‘ETA’ can be shown next to a product in the portal. This stands for ‘Estimated Time of Delivery’ and means that the goods are on their way to our warehouse. For example, it can be shown as ‘ETA – 1 week’. Delivery times vary as we deliver worldwide. With the help of our warehouse, we can ensure that the order can be loaded 2 days after submitting the order.

Order whisky not only cheaply, but also quickly at our whisky supplier!

At our whisky supplier, we try to keep the prices as low as possible. We are always competitively priced and will make sure the goods are delivered fast.

Become a client of our whisky supplier!

We want to make the threshold as low as possible when ordering at a whisky distributor. One of the advantages of our Sales Portal is that you will always have access, 24/7, to current the inventories of our whisky wholesale. We can list all the advantages, but we would rather you just experience it yourself! Not only the Sales Portal itself, but also with the registration process we try to keep it simple.

How to sign up? To gain access, you’ll need to go through a few short steps:

1.         Fill out the ‘become a customer’ form.

2.         Your request will be checked by us.

3.         If approved, you will be granted access to our Sales Portal and login details will be sent to you by email.

4.         You can easily order when it suits you and you always have insight into our current stock and prices.

Easy, right? Don’t hesitate and order your spirits from now on always in our Sales Portal. We can’t wait to become your whisky supplier.

Now you’re ready to buy whisky wholesale!