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Interested in buying Jameson whiskey? Look no further. We have all you need here at our Jameson wholesale. Fill up your liquor store with all the best flavors of Jameson. You can keep track of our full stock, as well as real-time prices in our Sales Portal. 

Purchase Jameson for wholesale prices at Moving Spirits. We deliver to business consumers throughout Europe and beyond as Jameson whiskey distributor.

History of Jameson whiskey

As a Jameson whiskey wholesale, we are always interested in the stories behind our liquor brands. 

The history of this Irish whiskey began in 1780. Founder John Jameson, a Scotsman, came to Dublin in the late 1770s. It was here where he and four of his sons started a distillery. 

Dublin was a bustling city, housing over a hundred distilleries and breweries at the time. Despite the heavy competition, Jameson outshone them all. The distillery goes by the motto “Sine Metu!”, which means “Without Fear!”. Jameson’s Bow Street distillery quickly expanded to increase production. By 1870, hundreds of workers were employed there. 

In 1963, the company began bottling their whiskey. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, the brand saw many label changes. In 1987, they settled on the label design that is still used to this day.

As it stands today, Jameson is recognized as the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. It can be purchased in over 130 countries. Wait no longer, and make your liquor store complete by adding high quality Jameson whiskey!

Jameson wholesale: we offer a wide range of all Jameson products!

Jameson wholesale: Irish whiskey with a smooth taste

Jameson Irish whiskey is made from a blend of single pot still whiskey and finely ground grain whiskey. The former is made from both malted and unmalted barley. 

This barley is dried in a closed oven fired by natural gas. This differs from the more traditional methods used in Scotch whiskey distilleries. Here, the oven is fired with peat instead. The barley gives the whiskey a sweet fragrance

Both whiskies are distilled three times. This gives the spirit an unparalleled smoothness. In order to be called “Irish” whiskey, the spirit must be matured for a minimum of three years on the island. This is no different for Jameson whiskey. Maturing the whiskey is done in oak casks. The subtle oak notes enrich the flavor. The drink finishes with honey and smokey undertones, leaving you with a lovely aftertaste.

Types of Jameson

At our Jameson wholesale you can buy a wide assortment of different Jameson liquors, such as:

  • Irish Whiskey
  • Black Barrel
  • IPA Edition
  • Stout Edition
  • Cold Brew
  • Orange
  • Crested Whiskey
  • 18 Y.O.

Beside the types of liquor, you can also choose between many different sizes! You’ll find these in our assortment. We supply the perfect bottle for everyone! In our Sales Portal, you can stay up to date 24/7 with the products we have in stock. Moving Spirits is a Jameson distributor in Europe and beyond. You always have a wide selection to choose from!

Moving Spirits is a Jameson supplier where you can 24/7 see all our current stock in our Sales Portal.

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At Moving Spirits, you can purchase Jameson whiskey for wholesale prices. We always strive to price our products as competitively as possible. Additionally, we want to make the process of buying our liquor as easy as possible for you. This is why we designed a Sales Portal. Here, you will have 24/7 access to our complete stock, including pictures and real-time prices. To order Jameson whiskey in our Sales Portal, you’ll need to create an account. To do so, follow these simple steps:

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More whiskey brands beside Jameson!

Beyond Jameson whiskey, we are also the distributor of other quality liquor brands, such as:

Beside whiskey, we deliver gin, rum, and vodka, as well as several import brands. We name these our ‘Improving Spirits’. For more information, read more about us as whiskey wholesale

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