Find out all you need to know about rum!

Today we want to tell you more about one of the most versatile drinks out there: Rum! Rum is one of the most popular distilled drinks in the world today. This is because you can drink rum in many ways, for example pure but it is also easy to mix. Do you want to know everything about rum? Then continue reading and become a real professional when it comes to rum!

Origin of rum

Did you know that rum is considered the oldest commercially available spirit? However, it is hard to say when exactly rum was invented. Rum was originally discovered by enslaved plantation workers in the Caribbean. It was the enslaved who realized that molasses could be fermented into alcohol. They distilled fermented molasses that was called “wine sugar’’. Wine sugar was probably the beginning of rum in the 13th century. Although the word rum did not exist yet, wine sugar was probably very similar to the first official rums.

This distillate was not known as rum until later when it was exported to other parts of the world. This liquor was originally called rumbullion or kill-devil. The popular alcoholic beverage was first mentioned in documents from 1650 in Barbados. The name “rum” has been used since 1667. The drink soon became a favorite of marines and pirates in the Caribbean. Nowadays, they still make a lot of rum in the Caribbean.

How is rum made?

Now that we know more about the history of rum, it’s time to learn more about how rum is made. Back in the day, fermented molasses was used, it still is nowadays! Rum is made from sugar cane, which undergoes a fermentation and distillation process to produce molasses. Have you never heard of molasses? Don’t panic, neither had we before this. Molasses is the juice of the sugarcane that is created by cutting, crushing or pounding.

There are three types of molasses: the light variety, medium variety and blackstrap variety. The type of molasses determines the flavor of the rum. Once the molasses is produced or the juice is squeezed from the sugar cane, the fermentation process begins which involves mixing the molasses with water and yeast as a base. This process can take a long time. However, the fermentation period varies from distiller to distiller. With rum, the longer you ferment, the higher the alcohol content becomes.

After distillation, rum matures for at least a year. Due to the heat of the tropical countries where rum is distilled, the maturation process of rum is much faster. Incidentally, how the rum matures determines the color of rum. A distinction is made here between:

Steel tanks, then the rum remains colorless

Oak barrels, then the rum gets a brown color

Different types of rum

Did you know that there Is a wide variety of rum types? What all rums have in common is the sweet taste. We list the main, most famous types for you:

White rum: the name suggests that it is a white drink, but white rums are actually clear transparent drinks. White rum is not aged for a long time after distillation, so it has quite little flavor besides the general sweetness.

Dark rum: by being aged for years in wooden barrels, the rum has a brown color. Flavors you will find are full of aromas such as spices. Dark rum is often intended to be drunk straight.

Golden rum: gold rum got its color from the oak barrels and its flavor is between the light white rum and heavier brown rum. Golden rums are generally considered to have a more complex flavor than young white rums.

Flavored rum: after distillation, other ingredients are added to create more flavor. Examples are banana, mango, orange,coconut or lemon.

Spiced rum: spices or other substances are added after distillation. Often golden rum is used as a base. Common spices are cinnamon, anise, ginger or nutmeg.

Rhum Agricole: this type of rum was originally distilled on French Caribbean islands such as Martinique. Instead of distilling fermented molasses, rhum is distilled from fermented sugarcane juice. It is characterized by a distinctive freshness without the syrupy texture.

Overproof rum: A rum with an exceptionally high alcohol content of at least 75%.

How to drink rum?

As rum has a versatile flavor, you can drink it in many different ways. For years it was portrayed in campaigns as a summer drink, but that is not the case at all!

You can choose to drink rum in a similar way to whiskey. Pure or with ice! Of course you can also simply mix it with cola or orange juice. There are also many cocktails in which rum is used. Did you know that rum is used in one of the most famous cocktails ever, the mojito? Other examples of cocktails with rum are pina colada or a daiquiri! Which cocktail with rum are you going for?

Is rum good for your health?

It is often said that rum is good for your health, but is this really true? Since fermented molasses and pressed sugar cane are used in its preparation, this drink does indeed have a number of health benefits! These ingredients have been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, counteract muscle pain, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

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