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It is important to Conker Spirit that the drinks are as sustainable as possible on all fronts, but also that the highest quality ingredients are used for a better tasting experience. As an alcohol supplier, we are pleased to be able to supplement our import brands with the delicious drinks from Conker Spirit.

Ethically responsible at the production of coffee liqueur

The Conker Cold Brew is made from coffee, and not just any coffee, the best and most sustainable coffee in the world! Ethically sourced coffee gives integrity and meaning to those special moments and connects you to the individuals and communities that produced the beans.

In 2020 Conker Spirit launched the first Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. This one is just as dark, just as complex and just as fruity as the Conker Cold Brew… The only difference is that it won’t keep you up at night!

Conker Cold Brew coffee liqueur
The dorset dry gin from Conker Spirit.

Attention to details

Conker does everything they can to produce the best quality drinks. From the New Forest Spring water where the spirits are distilled from, to the hand-picked coffee from the forest in Dorest. No detail is too small. In the spring, the team of distillers gets out to pick enough gorse flowers for a whole year. These are getting dried and put into a package, to hold the unique flavors and aromas.

The locally harvested botanicals are distilled and bottled by hand. A lot of vegetable ingredients are used to add more flavor.

Three of Conker Spirits' drinks you can buy at our liquor wholesale.

We are the real deal. We are the collectors, the distillers, the bottlers and the labelers.

Conker spirit

Sustainable and support for charities

Besides the sustainable coffee, sustainability is also considered in the case. The packaging is 100% recyclable. Among other things, Conker supports FAF’s Bob-o-link project, which is shifting the mass-produced coffee landscape towards sustainable practices that help small, independent farmers grow nature-friendly coffee. That’s what we love about the brand!

In addition, Conker donates $5 to charities for every 70cl bottle that is sold. Until now, Conker has raised more than $40,000 for the charities.

Conker Spirits port barrel gin on ice

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