Doghouse Distillery

Doghouse Distillery

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“Doghouse” reflects the atmosphere of good times, passion and innovation, with a touch of rebellion. And you can taste that! Because of the fact that the products are made by hand from scratch, the flavors are unique and the highest quality is guaranteed. We are happy that we are importer of the delicious drinks from Doghouse Distillery as an liquor wholesaler.

Three new spirits

At the moment, Doghouse Distillery has two core spirits in their range, a gin called ‘Renegade’ and ‘Baller’, a smooth vodka. Doghouse hasn’t been sitting still! In one year, the distiller has released three new drinks; an aperitivo called Doppelgänger, a vodka and a whiskey.

What makes Renegade different from the original gin is that there is a lot of focus on vegetable products. For example, laurel, sage and savory winter products. You get a warm feeling after drinking this delicious gin, this is because a West African pepper, called Grains of Paradise, is added.

Baller is made from scratch with English wheat. The drink is completely unfiltered. With a smooth aftertaste, this vodka is always a good option. The character of the drink is determined by adding pieces of biscuit, clove and cacao.

The award-winning baller vodka from Doghouse Distillery
A properly special drink you can buy at our alcohol wholesaler.

A properly special drink

The owner has experimented with botanicals and maceration techniques to produce something “pretty special”. It can be drunk neat, mixed with soda or in a Spritz. The new drink, Doppelgänger, is made from 19 botanical ingredients.

The uniqueness of the Doghouse Distillery is the grain-to-bottling method. It is the only distillery in London that makes all spirits from scratch, rather than buying a base. Everything is produced by hand. 100% English wheat is ground, mashed, fermented and rectified to produce a 96% neutral grain alcohol which is used as the base for the spirits.

“You don’t have to be big to win, you just need the heart, courage and a good dose of attitude.”

Doghouse distillery

A unique spirit release

At Doghouse Distillery, every new drink is considered as an album release, each with its own artwork and distinctive branding. Renegade Gin was inspired by rock and roll music. Awarded with a gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Renegade is the perfect drink.

The Baller label shows a Jack Russell beating a bunch of Dobermans at Poker; hereby representing the underdog with an arrogant attitude – “baller”! It was designed by a Sydney street artist. Baller won a gold awarded in the 2019 World Vodka Awards.

Renegade from Doghouse: a touch of rebellion.

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