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Monkey 47 wholesale B2B | Worldwide supplier

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Are you looking for a Monkey 47 wholesale? Moving Spirits is here for you! With an extensive assortment, a unique Sales Portal, a professional logistics partner and the fact that we are 100% independent, we make sure that you can always order as easily as possible, wherever and whenever you are. 

We do everything in our power to make sure that your order leaves the warehouse within 48 hours. Please note that as a Monkey 47 supplier, we only deliver to business customers.

History of Monkey 47 

As a wholesaler of Monkey 47, we are interested in the story behind the brand. 

Alexander Stein, the man behind the Monkey 47 brand. The idea of Monkey 47 came about in the fall of 2006. An old friend from Germany, where Alexander is originally from, called him and told him a story that fundamentally changed his life. From then on, Stein was obsessed with the idea of making his own Black Forest gin, using local ingredients. 

Quitting your full-time job to start making gin, something he knew nothing about? Alexander did it in late 2008! Because of his lack of knowledge about producing gin, he had to look for a master distiller with whom he could turn this idea into a real project. Thanks to several coincidences, he fairly quickly met Christoph Keller, one of the best distillers in the world, who makes legendary schnapps.

The gin is named after Max the Monkey, a monkey who was captured in India during World War II and later became the mascot of a squadron of the British Royal Air Force stationed in Germany. As a Monkey 47 supplier, we find the history of this brand super interesting. Want to know more? Then read on quickly!

As a Monkey 47 wholesaler, we are interested in the story behind the brand. 

Monkey 47 wholesale: a complex, well-balanced gin

We already told you that Monkey 47 gets its name from Max the monkey, but did you know that the “47” stands for the number of botanicals used in the production process? This includes rare ingredients such as lingonberries, spruce shoots, and blackthorn berries. Before we can supply you as a Monkey 47 supplier, there is a complex process involved.

We mentioned that the distillation process is complex, but why exactly? It includes both distilling the macerate and using steam extraction to pipe the alcoholic vapors through fresh botanicals using a Carter-Head still. Black Forest spring water is used in addition to the 47 unique botanicals. Due to its low salt content and other minerals, this water is perfect for all types of distillates. 

As a gin distributor, we are used to the distillation being chilled, but Monkey 47 sees this differently! They deliberately refrain from cooling to avoid losing the subtle aromas.

Monkey 47 supplier: from sloe gin to barrel-aged gin or a liqueur?

As a supplier of Monkey 47, we aim to continually expand our range of products. In addition to the original gin, Monkey 47 also produces a range of other spirits. These include a sloe gin, a barrel-aged gin and a gin liqueur. 

As a wholesaler of Monkey 47, we love unique drinks, and that is certainly where this brand comes in! The gin is known for its complex and balanced flavor profile. It has won many awards, including a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

In addition to different flavor choices, we also offer different sizes. If you prefer small batches, go for the small 5cl Monkeys. Do you prefer a delicious gin tonic, with lots of Monkey 47? Then opt for the 50cl bottles. Let us become your new Monkey 47 distributor and make sure the shelves of your alcohol store never run out!

Moving Spirits is a Monkey 47 supplier with a wide, extensive assortment.

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Monkey 47 distributor with more gins!

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