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If you’re going for handmade gin, then you’ve come to the right place at Poetic. Poetic is one of our new import brands as a beverage wholesaler. Additions and omissions from the original gin transform Poetic’s spirits into spirits full of character.

Big, bold flavors

When it comes to Poetic’s handcrafted drinks, expect the unknown. Unique drinks are produced because Poetic continues to do its own thing. They don’t want a standard gin, but big bold flavors that people remember.

Poetic experiments a lot with ingredients they think would taste good, they don’t work with a strict rulebook. Through continuous experimentation and discovery, Poetic manages to develop new drinks with a unique taste experience repeatedly.

Five our Poetic's gins in a row.
a delicious cocktail made from Poetic's liquor.

A lot of control over the taste

Poetic breaks the rules to be able to produce tastier drinks every time. Working in a small distillery, Poetic uses a one-shot method. This gives them more control over the taste of the products.

For the gins, vegetable ingredients are grounded by hand. Poetic then macerates and cooks it to release their delicious flavors gently and gradually. British wheat is used as the basis for the vodka. This ensures a soft taste and due to the fact that it is distilled 7 times, the taste is extremely pure.

Poetic is available at our spirits wholesaler.

The beauty of Gracie gives us expression when it comes to making all kinds of products.


Many awards and a Poetic bar

Poetic was founded in 2015. Within a few years they have expanded their range with many unique drinks. Poetic celebrated its fifth anniversary by producing three unique gins, special Limited Editions for their five-year anniversary. Experimenting with special flavors gets rewarded, with almost every drink Poetic has won awards!

An on-site bar has been opened right opposite the distillery, which has been given the name Poetic License Bar.

Poetic has its own poetic license bar!

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Register as a customer at our beverage wholesaler and order Poetic products directly in our Sales Portal! The steps you need to take for this are:

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We are happy to be importer of this beautiful brand. Have you also become interested? Order immediately in our Sales Portal or get in contact with us!