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Metaxa wholesale B2B | International supplier

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Are you looking for large quantities of Metaxa Cognac for your liquor store? At Moving Spirits, you have come to the right place. As a Metaxa wholesaler, we always have a wide range in stock. You can check these 24/7 in our Sales Portal. Never be confronted with surprises again and always get immediate insight into all important product specifications.

Because we are 100% independent, we can act quickly and flexibly. We sell Metaxa within Europe and even beyond! Please note: We only sell to business customers.

History of Metaxa Cognac

Although not much is known about the history of the brand, as Metaxa wholesaler we are very interested in the story behind the company. 

Metaxa (read more at Wikipedia) can trace its roots back to 1888, when Greek wine merchant and distiller Spyros Metaxa, together with his brother Elias, first produced and sold this cognac under their surname. They had bought the machinery of an old distillery in Piraeus. In the early years of its production, Metaxa was popular in Greece and quickly spread to other parts of Europe. The drink soon became a symbol of luxury and a favorite of European royalty and aristocrats.

An ancient coin, said to have been found during the construction of the first factory, depicting a warrior standing on a boat with an owl on the bow, was chosen as the company’s logo. Since 1989, the Metaxa brand has not been owned by the Metaxa family, and in 2000 the company was bought by the French drinks company Remy Cointreau.

Metaxa is a cognac brand with a history dating back to 1888.

Metaxa wholesale: careful selection of grapes

Before Metaxa is available at our wholesale, it goes through an extensive production process. The success of the brand begins with the careful selection of grapes. Primarily Savatiano, Sultanina, Black Corinth and Sideritis, the grapes are pressed and the juice fermented to produce wine. 

This is then distilled twice in copper stills. The heart of the Metaxa production process, however, is the ageing process. The distillates are transferred to oak barrels where they are aged. These ageing stages are indicated by the number of stars on the bottle label. While the distillates are maturing, the master distiller creates a secret blend of natural herbs and plant extracts known as the Botanical Mix. Once the distillates have matured sufficiently, the blending process begins. The master distiller carefully selects the right combination of distillates of different ages and characteristics. After blending, the resulting liquor is filtered to remove impurities.

Although the production process is similar to that of cognac, it cannot be called cognac. This is because it is not produced in the Cognac region of France.

Metaxa 3 stars or Metaxa 7 stars? In the Sales Portal of our wholesale, you can choose from a wide assortment.

The star designations: Metaxa 3 Stars or do you prefer 7 stars? 

Metaxa is sold in a range of strains and ages, from less mature and accessible expressions to more refined and complex strains. At Moving Spirits, your new Metaxa supplier, we offer a wide selection of Metaxa varieties to suit your preferences. These can all be viewed in our Sales Portal:

  • Metaxa 3 Stars: This is the base grade of Metaxa. It is a younger blend, usually consisting of distillates with a shorter maturation period.
  • Metaxa 5 Stars: A more complex flavor than 3 Stars, this is a blend of distillates that have been aged for longer. 
  • Metaxa 7 Stars: This is a premium expression with a more extensive blending process and even older distillates. 
  • Metaxa 12 Stars: Contains rare, longer-aged distillates and offers an exceptionally rich and deep flavor experience.
  • Metaxa Private Reserve: This is a special and limited edition of Metaxa, often offered in an elegant and numbered bottle. 

In addition to above, special editions or exclusive releases may be available from time to time. Are you interested in trying different varieties or other brands of cognac? With our Cognac wholesale you can always make a mixed order, so you never have to buy in large quantities and you can fill the shelves of your liquor store with a wide range!

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Just Metaxa or more spirits? 

Moving Spirits is a leading beverage wholesaler that prides itself on delivering high-quality and diverse beverages to our customers. With our extensive range, we offer the best selection of premium and craft brands. As a supplier of spirits, you can come to us for much more than just Metaxa Cognac. Among others, you can also find Meukow, Janneau and H by Hine at our cognac wholesale. But we have much more than that!

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