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Havana Club wholesale B2B | International supplier

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Havana Club: a national gem

As a wholesaler of Havana Club, we are interested in the story behind the brand and its products. 

In 1878, the Arechabala family purchased a small distillery in the town of Cardenas, Cuba. José Arechabala SA, a multi-industrial company, created the brand ‘Havana Club’ in 1934. The name Havana Club (read more at Wikipedia) was invented to appeal to the American public, as it was easily pronounceable. 

In 1960, the distilleries were nationalized, as a result of the Cuban Revolution. The company was considered a “national jewel” by the Cuban government, and in 1977 production was moved to a new distillery in Santa Cruz del Norte. The brand is now owned by Pernod Ricard and Corporación Cuba Ron.

Havana Club is currently the fifth largest rum brand in the world. In fact, it is sold in more than 120 countries.

Being a Havana Club wholesale, we offer a wide assortment. You can view our full stock in our Sales Portal.

Havana Club wholesale: a bright white rum with a recognized flavor

Cuba, also known as the island of rum. This is where the entire Havana Club production process takes place. The unique ingredients provided by nature, such as the sugar cane, the fertile soil and, of course, the tropical climate, make this brand one of the most special rums in the world. 

Before Havana Club is available at our wholesale, an entire production process precedes it. It is distilled using a continuous method with two column stills. It is then aged in Ex-bourbon barrels. Havana Club rums are aged for at least three years, which is quite a long time for rums. But this is well worth it! 

Havana Club’s drinks combine Cuban lightness and freshness with the complexity and elegance that comes from natural tropical aging. Each rum undergoes a unique aging process to release its optimal flavors. In short, a drink you want to sell in your store!

Be amazed by our wide assortment as a supplier of Havana Club

Havana Club makes a wish come true for everyone. With many Limited Editions, they have the perfect rum for the lover of luxury rum, but also for white or dark rum, Havana Club is right for you. With their wide product range, you will always succeed and your customers will also always be surprised by the variety of choice. 

Check out our selection of Havana Club rums and buy your favorites directly online through the Sales Portal. Get a taste of our Havana Club wholesale assortment:

  • Havana Club 15 Y.O.
  • Havana Club Anejo Especial
  • Havana Club Cuban Spiced
  • Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros
  • Havana Club Verde

We understand if you get overwhelmed by our wide assortment. That’s why you don’t have to choose at all! As a Havana Club distributor, we offer you the possibility to put together a mixed order. This allows you to order per case of a particular flavor. We also have a wide range of different sizes. You can easily and quickly put together this order in our Sales Portal. 

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Moving Spirits is a Havana Club supplier that delivers throughout Europe and beyond.

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You can always visit our webshop for the tastiest rum to fill your shelves. Besides Havana Club we sell many other brands, for example Captain Morgan, Bacardi or Malibu. Are you still reading and do you want to know more about Moving Spirits? Read all about our rum wholesale or take a look to learn more about our brands. We will always make sure you get your delivery as soon as possible. 

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