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Kraken rum wholesale B2B | International supplier

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History of Kraken rum

At Moving Spirits, we take a keen interest in the brands behind the liquor bottle. Although the journey of Kraken rum has been relatively short compared to others on the market. At Moving Spirits, we are impressed by the massive steps that Kraken has taken in recent years.

Kraken rum is a relatively new player in the market for Caribbean spiced rum. The drink was first introduced in 2010 on the island of Trinidad. The drink is typically aged for about 2 years. After the ageing process is finished, the rum is then mixed with a special blend of 11 spices. Included in this spice mix are cinnamon and ginger. The indistinguishable taste of the Kraken spiced rum is being enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

After the huge success of Kraken’s marketing campaigns, the business set to launch additional drinks in the market. These pre-mixed flavours were quickly adapted to the Australian market.

As a distributor of Kraken rum, we have a wide assortment full of different sorts of rum.

A wide variety of Kraken spiced rum, delivered to you right at your doorstep!

After a successful launch of the Kraken Black spiced rum, the brand set its eyes on the trend of the moment: canned cocktails. Nowadays, the majority of all large spirit producers have made their way into the canned cocktail market. To meet the demand of the market, Kraken has released a total of 3 flavours for their canned cocktails:

  • Kraken & Cola: a simple mix between cola and dark spiced Kraken rum.
  • Kraken & Ginger Beer: also known as the dark & stormy cocktail. This drink comes with a woody, spicy ginger flavour.
  • Kraken Rum Punch: a uniquely flavoured cocktail with tropical pineapple, mango, citrus & lime flavour. A perfect recipe for a hot summer afternoon.
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Kraken rum: give your cocktails a unique taste

Kraken rum is now essential in every cocktail bar or tiki bar. The unique taste and flavour of the drink is used by the most famous mixologists around the world. Apart from being used as a replacement for regular rum in cocktails, Kraken is used in many cocktails that are unique to this brand. Some of the most popular cocktails which are solely made with Kraken rum are:

  • Sea monster Mai Tai
  • Black Mojito
  • Sea Price of Death
  • Seven Year Storm

To make these cocktails yourself, visit the website of Kraken rum to find the full recipe and a step-by-step guide.

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